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Unmitigated conflict. In the home, on the streets, in our government, our schools, throughout the world, conflict permeates every aspect of modern life. Husband and wife team, Dr. Millicent Carvalho, a professional mediator and licensed social worker and her husband Brian Grevious, a retired police detective and former private investigator, tackle conflict of every kind in this no holds barred show.

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Recent Why Can't We Get Along Topics

Why can’t we get along ? – Rules for Change: Are Saul Alinsky’s Methods the Antithesis of Obtaining Agreement for Change?
President Obama has been criticized for employing Alinsky’s adversarial methods in forcing health care reform (Obama Care), despite the repudiation from the majority of the American public. Tune in for an illuminating conversation regarding perceptions of culture and oppression with Dr. John (White Eagle) Tracy, Chair of the Social Work Department at Western Illinois University and Alinsky scholar.


Why can’t we get along ? – No Kidding About Bullying:
a Conversation with Naomi Drew
Tune in for a no holds barred discussion on bullying in schools with Naomi Drew, author of “No Kidding about Bullying,” and learn ready-to-use techniques that help kids manage anger, resolve conflicts, build empathy, and get along.


Why can’t we get along ? – “Playing to Strength:
Leveraging Gender at Work” with Dr. Alice Adams
Avoid gender bias and conflict when making decisions involving women, in the workplace. Hear executive coach and diversity trainer, Dr. Adams, talk about how stereotyped perceptions of gender differences (i.e., “Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus’) hinder productive relationships. In addition, learn a technique for avoiding pitfalls and getting along.


Why can't we get along ? - Cause for Pause:
What Don’t I Know I Don’t Know?
When is the best time to suspend judgment (Pause) and entertain the other side’s point of view? It is when you are absolutely sure that you are right and others are wrong. Tune in for a conversation with Nance Guilmartin, author of the Power of Pause: How to be More Effective in a Demanding, 24/7 World, and learn a habit that will help you to avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication.

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